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6UO Revenue Streams

6uo Revenue Streams

1. Advertiser Placement:

  • Advertisers use 6uo Tokens to place ads within the 6uo ecosystem.
  • The allocation of these tokens serves as the primary method for ad placement.

  • 2. Viewer and Publisher Rewards:

  • When viewers engage with these ads, they are rewarded with 6uo Tokens for their attention and participation.
  • Publishers, who host these ads on their platforms, also receive 6uo Tokens as compensation for showcasing the advertisements to their audience.

  • 3. 6uo Games' Role:

  • As the facilitator of this advertising model, 6uo Games charges an advertisement placement fee.
  • This fee is deducted from the total 6uo Tokens used by advertisers for placing their ads.
  • It serves as the revenue generation mechanism for 6uo Games, allowing them to maintain and develop the platform.

  • Flow Summary:

  • Ad Placement: Advertisers use 6uo Tokens for placement.
  • Viewer and Publisher Rewards: Tokens are distributed to viewers and publishers as rewards for engagement and hosting, respectively.
  • 6uo placement share: 6uo Games deducts an advertisement placement fee from the tokens used by advertisers.