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  • 6uo GamePlace Release

  •   6uo has successfully launched the 6uo GamePlace, a dynamic platform designed to empower game developers. The 6uo GamePlace serves as an open marketplace where developers can showcase their games and market them as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), fostering a vibrant ecosystem for gaming enthusiasts and creators alike.

  • 6uo Beta

  •   Introducing the 6uo Beta, marking the unveiling of the 6uo games and platform. This milestone empowers gamers by enabling them to earn 6uo tokens while engaging with our platform, particularly through the innovative feature of earning tokens while watching advertisements. This enhancement not only fosters a rewarding gaming experience but also introduces a new dimension to user interaction within our ecosystem.

  • 6uo Ad marketplace

  •   Publishers can leverage this innovative platform to set prices for their ad displays and seamlessly exchange these displays with other developers. Additionally, they have the freedom to request custom or interactive advertising methods, enhancing user experiences within their apps or games. This dynamic marketplace not only fosters flexibility and fluidity in advertising strategies but also ensures a tailored and engaging experience for both publishers and users, optimizing engagement within our platform.

  • 6uo Wallet

  •   The 6uo Wallet represents a pivotal advancement, seamlessly integrated into the 6uo App. It serves as a decentralized solution ensuring robust security for verification and transactions. Our innovative approach leverages 6uo’s proprietary Zero Knowledge Proof ledger system, guaranteeing the protection of individual user anonymity. This proactive measure shields users from the intrusion of publishers, advertisers, and third-party entities, securing their privacy within our ecosystem.