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Getting Started

Tips for Beginners

1. Download 6uo app

  Download from App Store or Google Play

2. Signup for 6uo

  After accessing the 6uo app or any 6uo-supported app/games, you can sign up for your 6uo account with your email address. You will receive a verification link to click to verify your email.

3. Play games on 6uo

  To use 6uo you can use the 6uo app to discover all the apps and games that support the 6uo ecosystem. Or you may find them from App Store or Google Play with the 6uo logo.

4. Watch ads to get $6UO

  In the 6uo app or the 6uo-supported apps/games, you might find a number with the 6uo logo. The number is your 6uo credit that can be used in your apps/games or withdrawn to your third-party wallet as $6UO tokens on the 6uo website.

5. Purchase in-game assets

  The 6uo-supported apps/games might have some asset or service that can be purchased. You might unlock the assets by 6uo credit if supported.

6. Withdrawal / Claim Rewards

  For the credit you might not want to use for purchasing in-app/in-game assets, you might want to self-custody, which we suggest. You can log in to your 6uo account on the 6uo website to manage your profile. You can also withdraw the 6uo credit to your wallet as $6UO tokens.